Thursday, August 16, 2012

A Princess has the ear of THE KING

I know this was suppose to come out yesterday, but I was sick with a high fever and couldn't think straight. My words were jumbled and I couldn't seem to stay on track. I hope you will forgive me and enjoy my post just the same.

As a parent, I found the greatest pleasure at sitting and listening to my children's thoughts. I want to hear all about what is on their minds. Whether it be stress of school, worry for a friend or even their greatest fears.  This really came to me one night when William had an upset stomach. He vomited all over the place, including me, and this pregnant mommy just can't handle that. I changed clothes and left the clean up to daddy, as he asked. Pip came into my room wanting to curl up with me. He began sobbing and when I asked him what was wrong his reply was, "I'm going to miss William." When I asked him what he meant, he responded with, "I know he's going to die now and I'm going to miss him." While I quickly reassured him that William wasn't going to die and that he would start to feel better soon, it dawned on me the love and trust this precious little soul has in me that he would bear his heart to me. He knew that I would listen and would reassure him.

This is just a small example of the love my KING has for me. I may have carried this child under my heart for 10 months, but I'm not the perfect creator of the universe, the one who holds the whole world in his hands. I'm just a small person-- one in a billion. BUT my KING knows me. He knows how many hairs are on my head. He counts me as valuable. If I would want to hear the deepest desires of my child's heart, why wouldn't a KING who gave His only son for me want to hear the deepest desires, pains and loves of my heart?
My KING wants me to curl up next to Him telling Him the pains, desires, dreams, wishes and cares of my heart. This has become more and more evident to me the older I am. I have a great desire to go to Him with everything on my heart. Not just for things I want, but for desires for other people. Prayer is something God not only wants but expects of us. Did you know that the Bible the word pray 312 times, if I counted correctly, prayed is mentioned 65 times, prayer is mentioned 114 times, while prayers, prayest, prayeth and praying are mentioned 53 times? Something that is mentioned that many times, must certainly be important not only to God, but to us.

You know that communication is essential to any good relationship. Marriages break down because of lack of communication. Business transactions fall apart because of lack of good communication. What is more important to us that our relationship to our KING and heavenly Father? I can't think of a single thing. Can you?

So with all of this information, we come to the conclusion that He wants to hear what we have to say. Not only does He want to hear it, but He really listens. Take for example, a friend and brother in Christ,Scott Sandusky, was wounded two days ago in an accident. Once the news was out, Scott was immediately lifted up before our KING and Father in prayer. Not just by me, but my people across the country and world. It wasn't just one quick prayer it was a constant stream a storming of Heaven, not only for him, but his wife, family and the doctors who were taking care of him. God couldn't help but notice us bowing before him begging for the health and recovery of our friend. Scott did end up losing his leg, but he is on his way to recovery and will be able to continue to live and serve his family and his God.

God knew what was going on. He saw it all. I'm positive He had a plan for what was going on and how it was going to happen. Just imagine for a moment that He stopped what he was doing to listen to each and every plea of His people. He knew our hearts' desire. He knew what we begged of Him and in His love for us as His people granted our wish. His people came together as one voice not to murmur and complain about some thing for themselves, but for a dear brother and His family. For that moment when we were at prayer before the KING, we had his ear. We placed the desires of our hearts upon Him. We gave Him our pain and burden and He lifted it off of us.

This is just one example of how we have the ear of the KING. If we can do this, if our faith can move mountains, help to save a life, help to give life not only to those we know, but to everyone we meet, imagine what else you can do if you are willing to take the time to speak to your KING. Imagine how your marriage can change, your children who drive you insane how their hearts can change, the brother or sister who has walked away, the friend who has no relationship with God. Prayer is powerful! It can change lives!

Now I have a question for you. Do you have an example of how prayer has changed your life? If so please share. Please take a few minutes in the comments to bear witness to how the KING has listened to you.

Until tomorrow,
Give life to all you meet,

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  1. Wow! I'm going to love this series :-) Some thoughts that occured to me while reading:
    1. How you described your child confiding in you - we just talked about this in marriage and family class at church! The way the teacher said it was a way I had never thought about it before. He talked about when your child chooses to let you into his private world. There will come a time when your child is old enough to have his own fears, hopes, dreams, dissapointments. No matter how small they might seem to you, don't take for granted those moments when your child wants to open up and share with you. Encourage your child to trust you through your example and how you treat your spouse and family. Any way, sounds like you've done that!
    2. We just heard the announcement about Scott last night at church. I'm so sorry for his family. We just met his dad last year when he came for a meeting. We'll pray for their family.
    3. On your note of communication - you may have seen me say this before, but marriage has taught me so much abut my realtionship with God, and David's example has given me a lot to think about with my realtionship with God. The biblical examples of Christ and the church make so much more sense now. One thing I thought about early on in our marriage (i know, its still kind of early ;-)) was that "how can I complain about not getting the attention and time I want from David, and demand that from him, when I haven't done that for God?" My thougths and feelings at the time were to me, very hypocrytical. Like I saw myself better than David when I was accusing him (in my mind mostly) of not wanting to be with me as much as I wanted to be with him... yet I wasn't showing God I wanted to be with Him. Hope that all makes sense.
    I definitely saw a change in my marriage when I decided just to focus on time with God and pray for my attitude in the relationship, with God and with David :-)