Sunday, June 10, 2012

June's Goals

Here are my goals for the rest of June.

1. Finish organizing my bedroom.  Right now it is so disorganized I really hate going in there.

2. Finish organizing the school books in the basement.  I have re-purposed two more book shelves and need to move them down stairs.  Once they are downstairs I can finish the process of getting them done.

3. Read to my kids every day.  I know this was last month, but it is important to me.

4. Eat dinner at home everyday.  This may sound easy, but with the way I've been feeling it hasn't been.

5. Eat at the table for every meal.  This means we have to clean up after ourselves after school.

6. Read TWO books both non-fiction. I really love fiction so this will be a bit of a stretch for me and will push me to read something new.

7. Spend time everyday outside.  I HATE humid days, but I'm really lacking in Vitamin D3 and spending time outside will help.

8. Try ONE new recipe each week.  This won't be too hard, but something that will challenge me as I've fallen in a rut.

9. Plan our trip to Gatlinburg for late August. This I will enjoy as I love to plan.

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